Find plane tickets on google flights

What to do when cheap flights can’t be booked through Google Flights («Ghosting»)

On occasion, Google Flights will initially tell you a cheap fare is available, but when you try to book the fare either jumps in price or is unable to be booked altogether.

We refer to this as “ghosting.”

  • At some point in the Google Flights search process, the price drastically increases
  • When Google Flights gives you booking options, the only available way to get the promised low price is to call the airline
  • When Google Flights takes you to the last step and promises you can book a low fare either with the airline or an online travel agency, but when you click to do so, the price jumps on the booking page

In each of these cases, there’s no way to book those specific flights on those specific dates at the original cheap price.

Here are some ways to see if a ghosting fare can still be booked:

  • Try other dates in Google Flights
  • Take the dates of a ghosting fare and see if it can be booked in Priceline
  • Take the dates of a ghosting fare and see if it can be booked in Momondo

None of these routes are guaranteed; sometimes a ghosting fare is unable to be booked anywhere.


The Explore tab helps you to find popular destinations based on where you want to go. Image Credit:

Not to be confused with Explore Destinations in the Flights section, Google Flights has a section titled Explore with recommendations of popular destinations. You can also enter a destination in the search tab directly below the word Explore.

When you click on a destination, Google Flights will take you to the travel guide for that city. For example, if you click Austin in the picture above, you will be directed to the Austin travel guide. Once here, you will find Things To Do, Suggested Day Plans, Plan A Trip, When To Visit, Travel Articles, Travel Videos, See More While You’re There, and Other Places To Explore sections.

Launch the flight simulator

You can open the flight simulator through the menu or by using shortcut keys:

  • In the menu: Click Tools  Enter Flight Simulator
  • Windows: Press Ctrl + Alt + a
  • Mac: Press ⌘+ Option + a

Choose your plane

Choose which aircraft you want to fly, where you want to start your flight, and how you want to control your plane.

Note: To change your aircraft, start location, or controller, you must exit the flight simulator first.

  1. Choose your aircraft
    • If you’re a beginner pilot, use the SR22 to learn how to fly.
    • If you’re a skilled pilot, use the F-16 to climb straight up and keep going.
  2. Choose where to start your flight
    • To start from your current location, choose Current View.
    • To start from an airport, choose Airport and pick an airport from the drop-down list.
  3. Set up your flight controller
    • Computer joystick (optional): Under «Joystick support,» check Joystick enabled. Check your joystick’s manual for more detailed instructions.
    • Computer mouse: Place your cursor in the center of the screen. Then, click your mouse button once.

Summary on Google Flights

Google Flights does a great job at crunching ITA Matrix software data to quickly find you all the different flight combinations. What many people don’t realize is you don’t need to go to Google Flights when you are ready to buy a ticket. It’s a great way to brainstorm your next vacation and to also monitor prices for when you plan to reserve a ticket in the near future.

Tip: Remember to purchase your airfare with a rewards credit card that has a category bonus for airline purchases. For example, you can earn 2x points per $1 on travel purchases with the Chase Sapphire Preferred which is considered the best personal travel card by many. Or you can earn 5x points per $1 with the premium Amex Platinumtravel card, but there’s a hefty annual fee of $550. 

Choosing Your Currency When Using Google Flights: Advanced Tips

When searching, sometimes currency issues arise. That’s when it’s handy to know how to edit the currency that Google Flights shows.

Tickets are always booked in the currency of their origin airport. If you depart from anywhere in the United States, your ticket will be priced in US dollars and your credit card will be charged in US dollars. If you ever need to change your country, you do this at the bottom of the page on any page within Google Flights. You can also navigate to the currency page and select from dozens of different currencies.

Remember, when paying for your ticket and using a credit card or debit card that charges extra for foreign transactions, make sure to have the currency listed in US dollars!

There are pros and cons to using a travel agent when Google Flights is not able to match you up with an airline for booking your fare.

The first thing to understand is that Google Flights itself is just a meta-search engine. It is not a travel agency like Travelocity. This distinction is a key one to remember. Is it better to purchase your flight directly through the airline or from an online travel agency such as Orbitz, or Agoda? Here are the pros and cons of each option.

Google Flights consolidates many different fares found all over the web. They give you that information and provide helpful links. This then allows you to book with a travel agency or with the airline directly. Google Flights makes money through affiliate commissions from the online travel agencies.

The main thing to keep in mind with an online travel agency is that if there’s a schedule change, delays, or cancellations it’s a lot harder to get support then when tickets are bought directly from the airline. Often it will require you to contact the travel agency which will have to contact the airline for changes.

Because of this extra effort in needing the online travel agencies to run interference should you need help with your ticket, I don’t recommend that you book through an online travel agency unless that’s the only choice.

Is it ever preferable to buy separate tickets? Maybe!

Sometimes Google Flights identifies a flight itinerary where it’s cheaper to fly out on one airline and return on a completely different airline. This means you’re going to need to make two separate bookings.

For example, using the multi city search you want to fly from Phoenix to New York JFK and then fly from DCA Washington Reagan Airport back to Phoenix.

You see the best flight Google recommends is out on Delta but back to Phoenix on a non-stop American Airlines flight.

Once you select it you’ll notice those pages looks fairly similar to what you’ve seen in the past. The only difference is that under the fair options you’ll have flight 1 and flight 2. In this circumstance you would be free to mix and match.

The two tickets in your itinerary must be booked individually using two different links and the respective prices for each of those is followed by your total price. This booking two separate ticket option can save you money so don’t forget that it’s an option. Once you choose your flight options, you’ll be able to pay by credit card.

You also have the option to use more filters as well as hide separate tickets!

Google Flights tutorial

Google Flights searches fares on nearly every airline’s website, as well as the largest online travel agencies like Orbitz and Priceline.

How to change your currency or language on Google Flights

In the top left-hand corner of Google Flights, look for the «hamburger»—the three horizontal lines to the left of the words «Google Flights.»

This opens up a vertical menu on the left-hand side. At the bottom of this, there are options to change the language, currency, or country you use for Google Flights. From here you can also access the Explore map, or view any prices you’re tracking (more on that below).

You can also adjust your country, currency, and language at the bottom on the page.

How to set departure and arrival locations on Google Flights

When you get to the homepage, type in where you want to fly from and where you want to fly to, along with your preferred dates. Here’s an example:

Remember that you can put up to seven airports in each box, separated by commas. If you’re looking for a cheap trip to anywhere Europe, for example, you might put as your destination “LHR, CDG, AMS, CPH, BCN, FCO, MXP” to see where the cheapest flight is from Chicago to either London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Rome, or Milan.

Remember that some cities with multiple airports have city codes. These include NYC (New York City) or WAS (Washington DC), which count for 3 each because NYC = JFK, LGA, EWR and WAS = DCA, IAD, BWI.

How to select dates on Google Flights

In order to find the cheapest dates, click the departure date box. When you do that, prices for 2 months will pop up, with the cheapest dates in green, like so:

Important: Google Flights only takes into account prices in the months you’ve told it to look at. So in the above example, the green dates are the lowest in September and October. However, there could be cheaper dates in future months that Google Flights will only find if you click the right arrow to scroll to later months.

Once you’ve looked at the calendar of lowest fares, click on the date you want for your departure, after which you’ll click on the date you’d like to return.

At this point, Google Flights then gives you a big list of possible flights, like so:

Notice that Google Flights lists a few up top that they consider to be the “Best departing flights” taking into account factors like price and routing. It can still be worth taking a look at the “Other departing flights” to see if any of those work better for your schedule.

All flight times on Google Flights are shown in local time. If you notice a +1 next to the arrival time listed, on a Google Flights itinerary, it means your flight arrives the next day (or 2 days later if it says +2).

How to book flights on Google Flights

Once you’ve decided on a good departure flight, click on it. You’ll then be prompted to choose a corresponding return flight (assuming you’re booking a roundtrip fare) and your screen will look like this:

If you want to go back and change the departure flight, all you do in the above example is click where it says “ORD-VCE Tue, Sep 18” towards the upper left.

Note:  The price Google Flights shows includes taxes. If you’ve searched for a round trip itinerary, the price displayed by Google Flights will be the cost for the entire round trip.

Google Flights isn’t an online travel agency (OTA); it’s a flight search engine. That means you can’t actually book a flight on Google Flights as Google Flights doesn’t sell flights to the consumer. Instead, Google Flights will pass you on to the airline’s website where you can book directly.

Once you click your preferred return flight, you’ll be taken to your booking options, like so:

Click to book either through KLM or Delta and you’ll be taken to their checkout page where you’ll enter passenger and payment information.

How Google Flights Chooses the Best Flight

Google decides what the best flights are based on price, how long the flight takes, on-time percentages, and other factors. Google’s calculations lead to best flight options.

The best flight in this case is an American Airlines flight to Newark. That’s the cheapest one. There are also options to JFK or a United Airlines flight to Newark. Proceeding with the American Airlines option, the display shows all the information that Google Flights has.

Pro tip: Select the carrot icon for an in-depth breakdown of information for your flight.

This includes:

  • Departure and arrival times
  • Aircraft type
  • Flight number
  • Legroom
  • Wi-Fi power
  • In-flight entertainment.

There’s a very handy feature. Google Flights makes the distinction between basic economy and main cabin flights. They break down the fare, including the baggage allowance. When you book through Google Flights, you’ll always have baggage information.

Discover Destinations

Another way you can search and still «see the big picture» is with the Discover Destinations function. This box is located beneath the flight search field on the Google Flights homepage.

Information that you enter into the flight’s search box including travel dates, desired carriers, and your spending limit will automatically update the price point information on the Discover Destinations map.

Discover different destinations when searching for flights.

You can further customize Discover Destinations by clicking the dates, places, and interests buttons located immediately underneath the Discover Destinations title. Google will show destinations with the average fare price next to each city name.

In addition to the map, there will also be pictures and prices of more distant locations that might not appear on the map unless you zoom out. To see more flight information at these recommended destinations, simply click on the city name on the map or the information boxes.

How to Buy a Plane Ticket From Google Flights

Accessing Google Flights and filtering the results to find the best tickets for you, is just part of the process. The next thing you need to do is actually book the flight.

Click a flight to choose it as your departure flight. If this is a round trip, select a returning flight as well.

Review your flight information from the Trip Summary page. This page not only shows the flight times and price, but also whether or not your plane will have Wi-Fi, how much legroom you’ll have, and if there’s in-seat power to charge your devices on the plane. Click Select.

Complete the purchase on the airline’s website.

Flight Insights

Dive into more of your flight details using the Insights function. Image Credit:

Google Flights has updated its Flight Insights section, found on the right side above your flight search results. A new Prices section is shown below your search results. With this new format, you’ll only see the Prices section when searching between 2 city pairs and not when searching for multiple destinations.

Hot Tip: We always use a rewards card that earns bonus points on travel purchases. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card earns you 2 points for every $1 that you spend with the card on travel or dining purchases (and up to $1,000 in monthly grocery store purchases from November 1, 2020, to April 30, 2021). If you’re a business owner, we’d strongly recommend using a rewarding business credit card (we recommend Chase business credit cards) when making a travel purchase, otherwise you’re missing out on points, miles or cash-back!

Date Grid

The Date Grid shows you what dates are the cheapest to fly on. Image Credit:

For deeper insight on the cheapest days to fly, click on the Date Grid. This will open up a grid showing the cheapest days to fly in green and the most expensive days to fly in red.

You can see even more pricing details by using the Departure and Return arrows on the top and right side of the Date Grid section respectively. For those with flexible travel dates, this can be a great way to save some cash!

Price Graph

The Price graph shows you a bar chart of what pricing is for the flights within a 2-month time frame. Image Credit:

The Price graph shows 2 months worth of prices in a visual graph form to easily see price trends by day. Scroll further in the future with the arrow to the right of the graph or change the duration of your trip using the -/+ buttons by your selected dates.


Use the Airports tab to show you all of your airport options for the city you are flying to. Image Credit:

The Airports tab displays any other airports near your origin or destination airport (you can toggle between origin and destination airport at the top of this section). You will be able to view the airport locations on the map and get information including flight prices on the left side of the screen. Click on any airport to see the distance from the city center.


The Tips tab is great to use if you need a travel guide for your trip. Image Credit:

The Tips section offers a travel guide for the city that you are visiting, including Things To Do, Suggested Day Plans, Flights to Your Destination from the airport closest to your current location, When To Visit, Travel Articles, Travel Videos, See More While You’re There, and Destinations sections.

What Google Flights is bad at

Google Flights isn’t perfect. Here’s where it lags a bit behind:

  • Doesn’t always have the lowest fares: Google Flights works by searching fares sold directly from the airlines and a handful of the top online travel agencies (OTAs), such as Expedia or Orbitz. Many times the best fares are found on smaller online travel agencies that Google Flights doesn’t look at. Google Flights doesn’t display results from Southwest Airlines, so you’ll also need to check those directly with the airline.
  • Doesn’t find many mistake fares: Similarly, many Mistake Fares only show up on smaller online travel agency websites. Google Flights won’t be able to find those.
  • Displays unavailable deals: Every once in a while, Google Flights will tell you a fare is available at a certain rate, but when you click to proceed with a booking either (a) the fare jumps in price, or (b) there is no way to book online and instructs you instead to call the airline. (Don’t bother calling, it won’t work.) This phenomenon is called «ghosting», and happens occasionally on Google Flights when a fare was recently available but no longer is.

Find your flights

  1. Go to Google Flights.
  2. Enter your departure city or airport and destination. Note: You can also find destinations by clicking on a popular destinations list or on a world map.
  3. At top, select your ticket type: one-way, roundtrip, or multi-city.
  4. At top, select the number of passengers and cabin class.
  5. Click the calendar to select your flight dates. You’ll see the lowest total price to fly for each day. Note: Flight prices are updated approximately once every 24 hours.
  6. Optional: 
    • To filter your results, click Stops, Airlines, Times, or More.
    • Click Sort by  to re-order flights. You can see results by Best Flights (a default order that gives you the best trade-off between price and convenience, based on factors such as duration, number of stops, and airport changes during layovers), Price, Duration, and Departure Time.
  7. Choose a flight for each part of your trip.
  8. Choose how you’ll book the flight:
    • When you click Select for your ticket(s), you’ll usually be taken to the airline’s website or online travel agency to complete the transaction.
    • If you choose Book on Google, you can complete the transaction without leaving Google.
    • In some cases, you can book .
  9. Once you’ve booked a flight, contact the airline or online travel agent to confirm your booking, change it, cancel it, or to resolve any issue that may arise.

Note: If your flight can’t be booked online, you’ll see instructions to book by phone.

Flight insights

After searching for your tickets, “Flight insights” gives you options to optimize your travel experience.

 Tips: See recommendations for when to book your ticket, cabin upgrades, travel guides, and more.

 Dates: Explore which travel dates have the best fares.

 Airports: Show fares for alternative airports.

 Price graph: If your travel dates are flexible, explore fare trends by month or week.

Booking separate tickets for one trip

Flights can be bought as separate tickets from one or more partners. This option might appear when it could save you money or open more flight schedules.

What is Google Hotels and Packages

Though these are technically distinct features from Google Flights, they fit into Google’s overall travel tools. For Google Hotels tool, go to

If you’re already on Google Flights there is a banner on the left side of the screen. It’s an image of a person in a bed and it says hotels. Your screen then populates with some popular destinations. You will notice the prices at different categories of hotels.

Taking a random search, look for a hotel in Chicago in September for the 8th through 10th. Don’t forget to use the filters to sort through your searches. You really can get as specific as you’d like when searching for a hotel.

The map is a wonderful feature that allows you to zoom in and zoom out all the while adjust your search. There’s also a handy vacation rental setting. If you’re a traveler who prefers an Airbnb type of vacation rental, the vacation rentals tab might be a better option for you.

If you have some flexibility in the dates of your stay, Google is going to recommend that you stay slightly different dates in order to save money.

This tool will list different sources for you to use for your booking. One other compelling reason for using Google Hotels is that the price you’ll see is the nightly TOTAL price including taxes and fees. No lack of transparency! Not many sites offer this and is the number one reason I recommend that you use Google Hotels.

PRO TIP: If I’m paying cash rather than using points for a hotel stay, I always use Pruvo to monitor for price drops!

If you’re interested in package travel when you are on the Google Flights homepage select the umbrella packages icon. This takes you to a page that defaults to your most recent search on Google Flights or Hotels. Again, use those filters to narrow down your travel package deal search!

Google Trips is a feature which is an all-inclusive hub for past, future, and potential trips. The home page shows beautiful graphics including the cities you’re going to giving you outlines of your dates and other information.

When you want to take a trip down memory lane, the Google Trips tool allows you to look at your previous trips!

Google Flights: Discover Destinations

If you’re open to travel suggestions for google tickets, Google Flights is an excellent travel planning tool. One of our favorite Google Flights features is Discover Destinations, which lets you explore flight options by dates, places or interests. Simply put in your starting airport and then select the options that interest you.

A recent search for a one-week trip from Denver offered flights to Seattle for $146, Boston from $269 and Atlanta from $270. After selecting “Flights to Europe” for “one week” in “April,” Google suggested flights to Istanbul from $902, Paris from $400 and Stockholm from $703, among others.

If you’re not sure where you’d like to go on your next vacation, but you know what you want to do there, you can use the “Interests” filter. Google Flights offers options from beaches to food to adventure travel and islands. Simply select the option you want and Google Flights offers ideas. When we selected “islands,” flights to places like Tahiti, Saipan and Fiji came up with pricing. You can also see pricing options for hotels at each destination.

Other small, but helpful bits of information are also provided with each flight, including whether or not Wifi is available on the flight and if in-seat power is available.

If you’re a member of an airline alliance, such as One World or Star Alliance, you can filter for flights that fit that criterion. This helps if you’re planning on using frequent flyer miles to book a trip.

It’s important to note that you are NOT buying your airline ticket from Google. The site simply sends you to their partner airline’s site to book directly. (Google earns a commission for each customer they send to an airline.)

Airfare pricing graph on Google Flights

Special Features

Google’s been improving the Flights tool since it launched in 2011 by making it faster, adding new functionalities, and adding airlines and options. Price tracking is just one of those newer features.

Price Prediction and Fare Expiration

In October 2016, Google announced a new tool that would notify people looking for flights if prices were expected to change soon [].

Airline fare rules and planning are incredibly complicated and hard to figure out, so there’s no guarantee that Google’s prediction will be correct. However, in a few test cases, it is found to be fairly accurate.

The tool only pops up if you’re looking for a flight that’s expected to change prices soon — you won’t see it otherwise. A red flag appears next to the “Best Flights” box or the specific flight and says when prices are expected to change.

Know when airfare will likely change using Google Flights price prediction. Image Credit:

Click “Learn more” to see more information, including Google’s reasoning behind the prediction, such as when prices usually change, how often that happens, and by how much.

Flight Delay Notification and Prediction

Google Flights will also predict delays to inform your purchase decision.  In your search results, Google Flights will provide a note indicating flights that are often delayed.

Enhanced by Legroom (Google Chrome Extension)

Know exactly how much legroom you’ll have by using the Enhanced by Legroom extension. Image Credit:

Google Flights has a free extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds information about seats to your search results. When you search for an economy class ticket, you’ll see the particular flight’s pitch (distance from the back of one seat to the back of the next seat) on the right-hand side of each result.

Flights with a smaller pitch are highlighted in red, while flights with a more generous pitch are in green. If you search for a premium cabin, you’ll see the type of seat on the flight — for example, a recliner, angled-flat, or lie-flat seat.

This is a fantastically helpful tool! As airlines are still working to make their fleets uniform following mergers over the past few years, it’s helpful to know exactly what kind of seat you’re paying for, especially since it can vary based on which plane is being flown on the route.

Track Flight Price Trends

Another cool Google Flights tip is the ability to track historical prices. Google will send alerts when it predicts prices will increase or decrease. With this second tip, you can track historical prices yourself for flights that you tell Google to monitor.

This trick can be useful if you like to fly the same route periodically for business or pleasure. To get started, simply choose the flight itinerary you want Google to track by clicking the «Track Price» button before you choose a departing flight to track the average fare price or after you select the arrival and departure flights to track the price of a specific itinerary.

Each day, Google will update the price trends with a rolling line graph in the Tracked Prices menu. Until the flight takes off, Google will continue to send you price predictions. And, you can use the graph to determine your purchase timing for future flights to try and predict your own price dip.

Google Flights track historical prices.

Как забронировать авиабилет

Примечание. Все билеты бронируются у авиакомпаний и турагентств.  

  1. Выполните поиск на сайте Google Авиабилеты.
  2. Выберите рейс и нажмите «Бронирование через Google», если этот вариант доступен.
  3. Введите данные пассажира: имя, пол, номер телефона, дату рождения и адрес электронной почты. Нажмите Продолжить.
  4. Выберите один из существующих способов оплаты или добавьте новый. Нажмите Продолжить.
  5. В некоторых случаях вы увидите раздел Выберите места. Если вы хотите заранее забронировать места в самолете, нажмите Добавить места. Примечание. Это также можно сделать на сайте авиакомпании после покупки билетов.
  6. Выберите места на каждом отрезке пути и нажмите Готово. 
  7. Убедитесь, что в данных пассажира и сведениях о маршруте нет ошибок.
  8. Нажмите Забронировать.
  9. Google безопасным способом передаст авиакомпании или турагентству сведения о пассажирах и платежные данные.

После бронирования

  • Когда бронирование будет обработано, наш партнер, у которого вы приобрели билет, отправит на адрес вашей электронной почты письмо с подтверждением.
  • Помощь по вопросам о бронировании, в том числе об изменениях и отменах, можно будет получить у авиакомпании или турагентства, где был приобретен билет. При необходимости сюда же следует отправлять жалобы, связанные с рейсом.

Способы оплаты и информация о транзакции

В большинстве случаев средства списываются с карты после того, как бронирование подтверждено. Пока оно проверяется, некоторые авиалинии и турагентства производят временные списания.

Подтверждение платежа по технологии 3-D Secure

Если у вас включена аутентификация по протоколу 3-D Secure, то при оплате вам может потребоваться ввести код подтверждения.

Как найти транзакцию в выписке по счету

В выписке по счету транзакция об оплате авиабилета выглядит как списание от авиакомпании или турагентства, а не от Google.

Как оспорить списание

Google не обрабатывает платежи за авиабилеты, поэтому, если у вас возникнут вопросы, обратитесь в авиакомпанию или турагентство. Узнать контактные данные партнера, у которого вы оформили бронирование, можно в электронном письме с подтверждением.

Сведения о бронировании

  • подробная информация о бронировании;
  • контактная информация авиакомпании или турагентства.

Совет. Если письма с подтверждением нет в папке «Входящие», проверьте папку «Спам».

Чтобы изменить или отменить бронирование, обратитесь напрямую к сотрудникам авиакомпании или турагентства.

How to Use Google Flights

Although this tool lets you search for, compare, and purchase flights, it’s not technically an online travel agency like Travelocity or Priceline. Rather, it’s a highly effective metasearch engine that saves you the step of searching each airline and website individually.

How to Book a Flight

Google Flights is the go-to source to find the best flights to book. Image Credit:

Scroll through the Best Departing Flights results and click on a flight that interests you. Flights listed in the Other Departing Flights section will typically be more expensive and/or include less than ideal layovers.

When you find the flight you want, you’re prompted to choose your outbound flight first, followed by your return flight (assuming you’re booking a round-trip flight). Keep in mind that the price shown on the initial results screen is the lowest possible price for that itinerary. The return flight you pick could alter the cost, so make sure to pay attention to the prices of each return flight.

When you’ve chosen your flights, Google offers a few options for booking — generally, these are the cheapest options it can find. You’re given the option to book directly with the airline operating the flight (often cheapest), through the airline’s partners, or with whichever online travel agencies offer the best deals.

Click the Select button next to the price of your flight and you’ll be redirected to that website to book your flight. The travel details are already set, so all you need to do is confirm them, enter your personal information, and pay.

Tracking Prices

Image Credit:

You can access any flight price alert set by clicking on the 3-line menu icon in the upper-left corner of Google Flights and clicking “Tracked Flight Prices.” You can also see a graph with price changes from the day you set the price alert going forward.

Track the cost of the flight you want to book using price tracking. Image Credit:


Send your itinerary to yourself or share with family and friends. Image Credit:

Google also has an option to share a chosen itinerary before actually booking the flight. This tool can be extremely helpful when searching for flights for someone else or making group travel plans.

How to Use Google Flights Price Tracking to Get Your Best Deal

One of the best ways to use Google Flights is for tracking prices. Who doesn’t want to make sure they are getting the best deal, right? Being able to track prices is one of Google Flights best features. Not many other sites have the same capabilities. Google offers a historical price graph so you can evaluate the trends of your flight price. This helps you determine if now is a good time to buy your ticket. Using the price tracker means you won’t miss a price decrease. Yes, fares do go down!

For example, you want to depart from Los Angeles International Airport and go to Tokyo, Japan. Let’s use Haneda Airport, which is closer to the city center. Travel dates are May 21st through May 28th and you’ve added your filters.

Google populates your screen with its best choices for you. A pop up with price information appears at the top of your screen. Prices will be currently low, average, or high. It gives a specific dollar amount as to how cheap or expensive it is.

You can look further at the general range for prices based on Google’s findings. Note where exactly the current price falls as it relates to the normal price. Only you can determine what’s a good deal for you!

To set the price tracking, above the flights simply toggle it on and off.

A pop-up appears confirming that it’s tracking and allow you to view it for comparison purposes. Remember that the tracker is only looking at the very specific flights you choose. When you have any date flexibility or airline flexibility, make sure to track all the prices possible. You don’t want to miss a price drop!

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The price history tool is a great way to get an idea whether now or later is a better time to buy your ticket. The amount of time the tracking goes back to varies based on every itinerary. Each flight price history graph looks different.

Since Google knows a lot about the specific flights you’re looking at, they may give you an indication that the price is expected to increase or decrease. This is a relatively new feature that again is based on the very specific flights you’re looking at. This search tool really is flexible and allows you to look at very specific itineraries.

5 Tips to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Airfare

  1. Use the filters to select the type of journey you want – dates, airline, stops, times, etc.
  2. If you’re open to travel ideas, use the Explore Map to look at possible destinations and prices for a certain time frame
  3. Search multiple airports in your search query for the best pricing options
  4. Look at the pricing calendar for savings on alternative dates
  5. Use the “track price” option for the flight you’re interested in.
    (Scroll down to bottom of search page and click Track Price. When flight prices changes, you’ll get an email alert.) If the price goes down after you’ve bought the ticket, US Airlines let you cancel or make one change for free within 24 hours of purchase

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