Happy tree friends


Эпизоды сериала строятся по следующей сюжетной модели: беззаботное времяпрепровождение непременно оборачивается трагедией с летальным исходом. Смерть персонажа может наступить по самым неправдоподобным причинам и непременно сопровождается членовредительством, что создаёт комический эффект. При этом окружающие персонажи, как правило, ведут себя так, как будто ничего страшного не произошло, кроме тех случаев, когда паника может обернуться новыми жертвами.

Прорисовка сериала характерна для детских мультфильмов: персонажи подогнаны под один размер (кроме Дылды и Малыша), максимально стилизованы, но узнаваемы благодаря атрибутике, окружающий мир выполнен в пастельных тонах и выглядит безобидно.

Сериал фрагментирован, и его серии сюжетно никак не связаны. В конце каждого мультфильма все или большинство действующих лиц погибает, но в новых сериях они опять появляются живыми. Несколько мультфильмов разбиваются на серии, обрываясь в кульминационных местах. Персонажи воплощают в себе те или иные амплуа, а их конкретные роли и взаимоотношения друг с другом от серии к серии меняются. В конце каждой серии после титров появляется надпись с полезным (по контексту — издевательским) советом, например, «Переходя улицу, смотрите в обе стороны».


  1. Havin’ A Ball: Is crushed by a medical helicopter.

    Nothing is more realistic than a death caused from the inside.

  2. Get Whale Soon: Is impaled through the head by Russell’s harpoon.
  3. Class Act: Dies in a school explosion.
  4. The Way You Make Me Wheel: Dies of massive blood loss after cutting his throat with a razor.
  5. Keepin’ it Reel: Has his neck broken by Fliqpy off-screen.
  6. From A to Zoo: Is either killed by the baboon or dies in a bus crash.
  7. Kringle Feast: Dies in an explosion after lighting a match in a gas leak.
  8. Ipso Fatso: Smashes into a brick wall.
  9. Don’t Yank My Chain: Has his head crushed by a chain ball.
  10. Doggone It: Is torn apart by numerous killer dogs. He would not have been completely reduced to nothing, however.
  11. Concrete Solution: Crushed by a cement block.
  12. Wishy Washy: Is crushed and burned by a boiler.
  13. Who’s to Flame?: Dies in an explosion caused by an underground gas leak.
  14. Take a Hike: Is mauled by a grizzly bear.
  15. A Change of Heart: Gets a heart attack from eating too many sandwiches.
  16. All Flocked Up: Falls from a branch high atop a tree and splatters when he hits the ground.
  17. Milk Pong: Crushed by a falling tree.
  18. Brake The Cycle: Burns to death.
  19. Spare Tire: Is vaporized by an explosion. It would not have reduced him to nothing but a skeleton, however.

Music and sound-effects

Sound Engineer Jim Lively

The music featured before, after, and during each and every episode of Happy Tree Friends is composed by Jim Lively, the sound engineer for Happy Tree Friends. Lively has been in the sound business since the age of 16, and plans to continue his career of «making sounds for a living,» as described by Jim Lively himself. Jim Lively primarily works in sound design and dialog editing, although he continues to mix music.

Foley Artist Francis Carr

Foley artist Francis Carr joined the team later on in development. Usually working with sound engineer Jim Lively, he has been able to expand his career. Francis Carr is also noted for being the voice of the character Russell.

Основная информация

Натти (англ. Nutty — имя созвучно со словами «орех» и «псих»; в русской версии «Сладкоежка») — зелёный бельчонок, маниакальный сладкоежка. У него разные глаза, которые вращаются независимо друг от друга. Зелёный глаз отвечает за зрительное восприятие сладостей. На его шерсти всегда видны прилипшие леденцы.

Из-за переизбытка сахара в крови Натти. всегда гиперактивный и нервный. Он готов пойти на что угодно ради. сладостей, что чаще всего и приводит к его гибели. Сладкоежка чаще истерично смеётся, чем разговаривает, иногда даже после получения несовместимых с жизнью увечий. Также его зависимость от сахара сродни. наркотической — ради сахара он способен на агрессию, а при его отсутствии начинает испытывать муки и впадает в бешенство. Натти способен употреблять и обыкновенную пищу, но только после добавления в неё колоссального объёма сахара.


  • Kenn Navarro

    As a fun fact, it is also the one item that Flaky is highly allergic to, as is shown in Party Animal.

    said on a tweet the the cartoon «Peanuts» served as some inspiration for the show.

  • The video Dumb Ways To Die is similar to Happy Tree Friends, given the fact that both resemble a children’s cartoon, and both contain bloody violence. A Happy Tree Friends parody of Dumb Ways to Die was created, and was also made into a mobile game.
  • Aside from Happy Tree Friends, Kenn Navarro and Warren Graff created a series for their channel, Zwak, known as D_Void, which also involves animals dying in humorous ways. Only two episodes of it have been created, and it is most likely discontinued.

The Mole’s Mistakes

Because he is blind, The Mole is prone to mistaking objects for other things and never noticing it. Here is a list of the many errors he has made over the course of the series.

  1. Sniffles’ head for a bowling ball in Spare Me
  2. Mime’s head for a pumpkin in Out of Sight, Out of Mime
  3. Disco Bear’s head for a watermelon in Ipso Fatso
  4. A flower, a frog, Sniffles’ foot, and Giggles’ heart for litter in Every Litter Bit Hurts
  5. Mime’s head for a ketchup dispenser in Chew Said a Mouthful
  6. In See What Develops:
    1. A gumball machine for a camera
    2. Mime’s skin for a roll of film
  7. In A Sight for Sore Eyes:
    1. A lawnmower for a dog
    2. Chunks of Handy’s brain for dog waste
    3. Cuddles’ cup for a trash can
    4. A pear for a light bulb
  8. In Wipe Out!:
    1. Handy’s heart for a handkerchief
    2. Lumpy for a surf board
  9. A bottle of poison and a bottle of bowling ball polish for hair care products in Easy Comb, Easy Go
  10. In We’re Scrooged!:
    1. A small rock for a coin
    2. Lumpy’s teeth for a toy (though in his defense, everyone else in the episode confused Toothy’s body parts for toys)
  11. In Can’t Stop Coffin:
    1. A coffin for a refrigerator
    2. Cuddles’ eyeball for an apple
  12. Lumpy for Giggles in Blind Date
  13. Flaky for a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey board in Party Animal
  14. Toothy’s eye for a scoop of ice cream in The Carpal Tunnel of Love
  15. Lumpy’s heart for a baby bird in All Flocked Up
  16. Handy’s heart for an apple in one of the Comics
  17. A soda can machine for Lumpy in Wingin’ It
  18. Lumpy’s hand for dough/doughnuts in The Chokes on You
  19. Cuddles’ coin for a button and a couch for a patient in In a Jam
  20. Giggles’ stomach for a tire in Spare Tire.


1. Do you like working on, or creating, the special features for the DVDs? What type of content do you believe is ideal for DVDs, and do you have any future plans on something that fans could potentially really like when it comes to such content?

Warren Graff: I love the DVD extras. I think what Peter did with the extras for the TV series was great. The fake doc. that we did for the 2nd DVD I thought was great, and we had fun doing it. All the commentary is a blast. We really don’t plan extras that far in advance, because we don’t know the budget. When they say do it, we do it and try to make it informative and funny.

Number of Kills

Character Number of Times Killed Episodes
Toothy 1 Snow Place to Go
Lumpy 1 Get Whale Soon
Giggles 1 You’re Kraken Me Up (Along with The Giant Squid)
Nutty 1 A Sight for Sore Eyes (Along with Sniffles)
Sniffles 1 Something Fishy (along with his piranha and Lumpy)
Cub 1 Bottled Up Inside (along with Pop)
The Mole 1 Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (Along with Lumpy)
Disco Bear 1 Put Your Back Into It (Along with a dog)
Mime 1 Something Fishy (Along with his piranha and Lumpy)
Other 1 1 Swordfish in Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Debatable)

Russell kills Toothy.


  1. Deadbye Derby: Kills Cuddles, Toothy, Petunia, Handy, Sniffles, Nutty, Disco Bear, and Splendid by flinging rocks at them with a slingshot.
  2. On Thin Ice: Kills the giant squid and has its body sliced like sushi.

Фанатские пейринги


В русскоязычном фэндоме принято эту пару называть «флафли» ( сокращение от Флаки/Флиппи; в зарубежном же, как правило, пишут Flippy x Flaky).

Вне всякого сомнения, абсолютный рекордсмен по части популярности среди фанатских пар (да и вообще). Большая часть поклонников Флиппи или Флэйки считают, что именно эта пара наиболее правдоподобна, имеет наибольший потенциал, и, как следствие, должна рано или поздно появиться в сериале как полноценная романтическая пара.

До сей поры их отношения в сериале можно охарактеризовать как близкие дружеские. Они явно относятся к друг другу с добротой (по крайней мере, относились); наиболее ярко это продемонстрировала серия Party Animal, где Флэйки устроила для Флиппи празднование дня рождения (а тот её во время последующего флип-аута не убил, хотя и мог). Он с тех пор вообще её не убивал, хотя пересекались они довольно часто. Шипперы указывают и другие причины, по которым эта пара, по их мнению, возможна; так, например, в Double Whammy крик Флэйки заставил Флиппи выйти из озверевшего состояния (крик других персонажей, убитых им до этого, такого эффекта не оказывал).

При всей их популярности, «флафли» имеют немало противников. Часть из них питает неприязнь к группе поклонников пары (многие из которых имеют репутацию слишком фанатичных шипперов с некритическим мышлением), часть ссылается на многие факты, оспаривающие возможность появления «флафлей» в сериале, например:

  • В Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark Флиппи убил Флэйки, причём сделал это совершенно сознательно, находясь в здравом рассудке (хоть и был очень зол). Таким образом, Флэйки фактически была единственной, кого он когда-либо убил умышленно.
  • Пол Флэйки неопределён.
  • Большинство аргументов «за» высосаны из пальца и легко могут быть опровергнуты.
  • В серии On My Mind встречается с Гигглс , а значит именно она является его «девушкой».
  • Самый главный аргумент. Создатели не могут не знать о популярности именно этой пары, но вместо того, чтобы сделать-таки «флафли» официальными, постоянно и довольно прозрачно намекают, что ждать их в каноне не стоит.

В Without a Hitch Флэйки демонcтрирует страх перед Флиппи, и из страха даже калечит его, ставя под сомнение все их близкие взаимоотношения. Впрочем, фанаты пейринга увидели и другое — искреннее желание Флиппи помочь Флэйки, а её страх объяснили гнетущей окружающей обстановкой (ночь, гроза).


Вполне правдоподобная, но недооценённая международным фэндомом пара (а вот в русском наоборот, одна из самых популярных).

Истоки шиппинга в том, что больше всех Сплендид взаимодействует именно с Гигглс. Она так или иначе появляется почти во всех сериях с его участием, а он оказывает ей знаки внимания, помощь и так далее. Именно Гигглс является той девушкой, которую он постоянно спасает, делая это чуть более успешно, чем в случае со всеми остальными персонажами. Однако полноценной романтической парой они в сериале так и не стали, что роднит их с «флафлями» (хотя последние и намного более популярны, и намного более противоречивы).



Seen on Computer and TV

  1. Happy Trails Pt. 1: Dies when the school bus crashes. (Death not seen)
  2. Class Act: Dies in an explosion.
  3. Remains to be Seen: Is hit by Flippy’s truck.
  4. From Hero to Eternity: Is sucked into a whirlpool and burned by lava.
  5. Party Animal: Gets impaled by Flaky’s quills after popping her.
  6. Don’t Yank My Chain: Has his head sliced in half by a log saw.

    The Mole’s first onscreen death in Don’t Yank My Chain.

  7. Doggone It: Is mauled by Whistle while in his car.
  8. Concrete Solution: Impaled by a large set of sharp wires. (Death not seen)
  9. Who’s to Flame?: Explodes when he lights a match near an underground gas leak. (Death not seen)
  10. Gems the Breaks: Is disintegrated while his car is destroyed by Splendid’s laser.
  11. A Hole Lotta Love: Has his head crushed by the ground while in a drill machine.
  12. Mime to Five: Is eaten by killer ducks. (Death not seen)
  13. Idol Curiosity: Drowns in a shipwreck. (Death not seen, confirmed by Warren Graff)
  14. Home is Where The Hurt is: Is decapitated by a Dutch door.

    In reality, a door can’t really do this. This was caused by Lumpy.

  15. Aw, Shucks!: Has his head crushed by a huge piece of popcorn.
  16. A Sight for Sore Eyes: Dies when a pear he put in a lamp explodes.
  17. Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: Is crushed by Russell’s truck.
  18. The Carpal Tunnel of Love: Is sliced in half by a wire.
  19. Happy Tree Friends False Alarm episode: Gets his body smashed in with a mallet by Nutty.
  20. Wrath of Con: Is killed when a building collapses on him.
  21. Breaking Wind: Dies when he is caught by a tornado or when the earth is set on fire. (Death not seen)
  22. All In Vein: Is beheaded by a crossing barrier.
  23. No Time Like the Present: Is decapitated by broken glass.
  24. Pet Peeve: Has his head sliced in half by a windshield.
  25. Spare Tire: Is killed in a car explosion.

    Proof The Mole has eyes.

  1. Overkill DVD box set: Is killed by Flippy’s bomb while walking towards it. (Death not seen)
  2. False Alarm (video game): Is hit in the head by a hammer in an achievement icon.
  3. Dumb Ways To Die: Dies in a car crash.
  4. Flippin’ Burgers storyboards: Is hung on a coat rack by Fliqpy, removing his skin.

Seen on Computer and TV

  1. Class Act: Is impaled through the eye and out the other side of his head with his cane.

    He only has half of his glasses, yet they stay there without falling off.

  2. Stealing the Spotlight: Has his thumb set on fire by Lumpy’s extreme Christmas lights.
  3. Blind Date: Has cuts all over his face after shaving.
  4. Mole in the City:
    1. Bumps into a wall.
    2. Falls through a window.
  5. Don’t Yank My Chain:
    1. Is beaten by Lumpy.
    2. Is battered when he falls into a gorge.
    3. Falls in the well.
    4. Sinks in water when he is in a river.
  6. A Sight for Sore Eyes: Is knocked out when he bumps into Russell.
  7. Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II): Steps on a piece of glass.
  8. False Alarm: Has his entire body stuck in a burning barrel.

Happy Tree Friends

1) With «Happy Tree Friends» being such an edgy show have there been attempts by outsiders to censor you guys or even shut you down completely? What justification did they give for it? How did you deal with it?
2) What was your reaction when the show won an award at Annecy Film Festival?

Warren Graff:
1) We have never had somebody from the outside try and shut us down. If we did, I’m sure we would lock ourselves in the Mondo offices and fight them off. It would be like the Alamo, only not in Texas.
2) I thought it was great. Eye Candy is one of my favorite episodes. The French people really are smart when it comes to animation. I think next we should shot for an Oscar.

Many shows end before they have a chance to have a solid ending. I know that Happy Tree Friends doesn’t have plot continuity, but have you ever thought about ideas for a final episode of the series, should the bitter time ever arrive? If not, would you like for there to be some sort of special episode at the end of the series, as a way of thanking the fans for all their support through the years?

Warren Graff: There’s really not much stuff to wrap up, so it would be odd. Happy Trails was left as a cliff hanger on purpose when we thought it was the last show ever. We would like to believe that our fans would appreciate that kind of cruel joke of an ending. Basically, I think if we were to do a last episode we would try to end it with a ton of open questions.

Why the change in format then? Certainly Mondo Media makes enough money to hire a few more creative minds to help you guys out, and since you’ve been in the business awhile, I’m sure you know of a few people who would do a good job. I recall reading an interview that claimed the Happy Tree Friends team has shrunk dramatically over the years, though I’ve never really understood why you guys are down to such few people now-a-days.

Ken Pontac: The show had a budget that allowed x amount of money for x amount of resources. That budget allowed for Warren, me, and a specific number of scripts (six or seven) from «outside» writers. Kenn comes with the show, but he was never a full-time writer; he was too busy doing a million other things to sit in the room with Warren and me eight hours a day.

Have you grown to truly love Happy Tree Friends, as a show, or is it still nothing more than a job to you? Do you think you’ll be able to easily walk away from the series when its time, or your time working on it, comes to an end?

Ken Pontac: I loved HTF before I worked on it. I wrote Kenn and Rhode a fan letter and ended up working on the show. Working on it was a great experience, one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

I’ve already walked away from the series, as has Warren. Since Warren and I are both hired guns, not Mondo staff members, we’re not getting paid to wait around for a second season to get picked up. We might get called in for a day or a week here or there to brainstorm on a short or something, but we need to work on other jobs to pay the rent. Walking away was easy, because I had to, but I’d have preferred to stay.

And, if there’s another season, I’ll probably be back.

How well do you think Happy Tree Friends stands up against other reputable online web-toons, such as www.homestarrunner.com? Have you ever watched any other online web-toons in order to see what they’re like, or do you prefer to just concentrate on Happy Tree Friends?

Warren Graff: I think it stands up real well to all other online webtoons…but I’m bias. You always check out the competition, you want to see what to shot for…or who to leave in the dust.

Do you believe that the violence in Happy Tree Friends episodes is the only reason most people watch the series? If so, does that make you feel like your hard work writing a script isn’t appreciated as much, since those people may ignore the humor and plot for the sake of anticipating the deaths?

Warren Graff: I don’t know why most people do what they do. I would like to think the hard work on the scripts is why people like the show…even if they don’t realize why they like it.

Is Happy Tree Friends (both website and television series) banned in China and most Islamic countries (like Saudi Arabia and Syria) in the Middle East (I was justing wondering because the show is going to be aired in Israel, trying not to get to political here)?

Warren Graff: I don’t know where it’s banned and where it isn’t. I don’t think it shows in any of the countries that you mentioned (except Israel), but not because it’s be banned. I just don’t think we have a partner there…maybe they don’t want us…but as far as I know it’s never been declared.


Many parents were concerned about the graphic content of Happy Tree Friends. One parent even complained about the show in a letter to the Washington Post when she saw her 6-year old son watching the show. The warning «(CV CARTOON VIOLENCE Not recommended for small children or big babies)» is displayed in two places on the home page of the Happy Tree Friends website in very small type in the bottom left hand corner, and in larger, but subdued type on the right hand side under the bulletin board section. Neither the «About the Show» nor the FAQ page indicates that the show is not appropriate for young children. However, the episodes themselves contain the warning in large font before the cartoon begins. In February 2008 Russian Media Culture Protection Department (Rossvyazohrankultura, a regulatory body for TV in Russia) issued warnings about Happy Tree Friends and The Adventures of Big Jeff, claiming that the shows «promote violence and brutality, harm the psychic health and moral development of children, attack the social morality; all of this being a violation of license agreement». The department warned the 2×2 TV Channel, which broadcasts the show, to remove it from air to avoid legal issues. The channel appealed to the evaluation ordered to Versia company (versia.org), which denied the accusations.


  1. Class Act: Dies in a school explosion.

    Yes, this has actually happened to a person.

  2. Remains to be Seen: Hit by a truck.
  3. Ipso Fatso: Gets his face smashed by a chunk of concrete.
  4. Concrete Solution: Gets shot in the back of the head with a nail gun. He then drowns in cement.
  5. A Change of Heart: Dies in a plane crash with a whale.
  6. A Hole Lotta Love: Dies from a gas leak when Pop drills through a gas pipe.
  7. See What Develops: Falls from a high height and splatters on the ground.
  8. A Bit of a Pickle: Is run over by his own car.
  9. See You Later, Elevator: Is burned to death or dies from the explosion in the building.
  10. Pet Peeve: Is run over by The Mole’s van.

YouTube Fan Videos

Tools for Fools (A Fan Made Happy Tree Friends Animation)

«Tools for Fools» by Yudhaikeledai.An example that shows that people create their very own episodes.

On YouTube thousands of Happy Tree Friends fan videos have been created. A lot of the videos consist of snippets from different episodes being put together with a song played over the top (also known as an «amateur music video» (AMV), or a montage). Such videos are usually referred to as video clip. Other types of fan films include various fan art pictures put together in a movie. Some have even gone as far as to create their own animations.


  1. Hide and Seek: Has his neck snapped by Fliqpy.

    A very realistic death in the show.

  2. Class Act: Dies in a school explosion.
  3. Better Off Bread: Has his head smashed by a small meteor.
  4. Remains to be Seen: Is run over by a truck.
  5. From A to Zoo: Is impaled in the head by a rhino’s horn.
  6. Kringle Feast: Dies in an explosion caused by a gas leak.
  7. Concrete Solution: Dies when a bridge collapses. He would have actually been injured at most.
  8. Who’s to Flame?: Dies in a fiery explosion caused by an underground gas leak.
  9. Take a Hike: Falls onto a sharp stalagmite.
  10. Gems the Breaks: Is knocked into a wood chipper.
  11. Idol Curiosity: Drowns in a shipwreck.
  12. Aw, Shucks!: Is caught in barbed wire and drowns.
  13. Junk in the Trunk: Is run over by a van. While the death is possible, a human wouldn’t just break to pieces upon being hit.
  14. Peas in a Pod: Suffocates when he breathes in poisonous fumes.
  15. New Season Teaser: Stabbed through the mouth with a knife by Fliqpy.
  16. Breaking Wind: Is hit by Handy’s out-of-control truck.
  17. An Inconvenient Tooth: Is run over by a van. Again, just like in Junk in the Trunk, a human wouldn’t break to pieces upon being hit.

Number of Kills

Character Number of Times Killed Episodes
Cuddles 3 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Concrete Solution (Along with Sniffles and Lumpy)Take a Hike (Along with Lumpy)
Giggles 1 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)
Toothy 4 Class Act (Along with Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Concrete Solution (Along with Lumpy)Take a Hike (Along with Lumpy)Chew Said a Mouthful
Lumpy 5 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Concrete SolutionTake a Hike (Along with The Grizzly Bear)Wipe Out! (Along with Cro-Marmot and The Mole)A Sucker for Love Part 2 (In his imagination)Milk Pong (ending 1)
Petunia 3 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Take a Hike (Along with Lumpy) (Debatable)Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (episode)
Handy 2 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)A Sight for Sore Eyes (Along with The Mole)
Sniffles 3 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Concrete SolutionTake a Hike (Along with Lumpy)
Pop 2 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Going Out With a Bang (Along with Cub)
Cub 3 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Concrete SolutionGoing Out With a Bang
Flaky 5 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, and Shifty)Party Animal (Along with The Mole)Concrete Solution (Along with Lumpy)Chew Said a MouthfulGoing Out With a Bang
The Mole 3 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Party Animal (Along with Flaky)Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (episode)
Disco Bear 2 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Chew Said a Mouthful
Russell 2 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Concrete Solution (Along with Lumpy)
Lifty 2 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Shifty, and Flaky)Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (episode)
Shifty 2 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, and Flaky)Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (episode)
Mime 2 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Chew Said a Mouthful (Along with The Mole)
Cro-Marmot 2 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)Concrete Solution (Along with Lumpy) (Debatable)
Fliqpy 1 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)
Splendid 1 Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)
Generic Tree Friends 24+ 19+ from Class Act (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)5+ from Concrete Solution
Others 2 A reindeer in Class Act (Debatable) (Along with Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Giggles, The Mole, Lifty, Shifty, and Flaky)A sea urchin in Wipe Out! (Along with Cro-Marmot)

Nutty kills The Mole.


  1. Sugar High: Steps on and crushes a bunch of woodpeckers.
  2. Deadbye Derby: Kills Cuddles, Toothy, Petunia, Handy, Sniffles, Disco Bear, Russell, Lifty, Shifty, Fliqpy, Splendid, and a giant squid by flinging rocks at them with a slingshot.

Occupations and Careers

The Mole as airport security.

For someone who is blind, he has had many jobs. Even one that requires you to see!
For more information, see
  1. Secret Agent/Spy — Mole in the City
  2. Student — Happy Trails Pt. 1
  3. Construction Worker — Concrete Solution
  4. Firefighter — Who’s to Flame?
  5. Environmental Volunteer — Every Litter Bit Hurts
  6. Hot Dog Vendor — Chew Said a Mouthful
  7. Newspaper Photographer — See What Develops
  8. Ship Captain — Idol Curiosity
  9. Christmas Play Light Effects Helper — Class Act
  10. Surf Shack Owner — Wipe Out!
  11. Airport Security — Wingin’ It
  12. Barber — Easy Comb, Easy Go
  13. Blood Drive Worker — In a Jam
  14. Ice Cream Vendor — The Carpal Tunnel of Love
  15. Donation Collector — We’re Scrooged!
  16. Street Musician — Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
  17. Music Store Owner — Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II)
  18. Security Guard — Wrath of Con
  19. Lumberjack — Milk Pong
  20. Paramedic — A Sucker for Love Part 1; A Sucker for Love Part 2
  21. Doughnut Shop Worker — The Chokes on You
  22. Cameraman — Breaking Wind
  23. Starter — By The Seat Of Your Pants
  24. Delivery Man — All In Vein; Buns of Steal

Pop’s Bad Parenting

Pop is infamously known for his bad parenting and somewhat neglective behavior. This is a list of Pop’s acts as a bad parent, not counting instances where Pop does something clumsy like cutting off Cub’s ear in Snip Snip Hooray!.

  • Pop allows Cub to use a lawnmower by himself in Chip Off the Ol’ Block. To be fair, he noticed Cub sticking his hand under the lawnmower and pulled him away before Cub could get hurt.
  • Pop leaves Cub unattended with a razor in Snip Snip Hooray!.
  • Leaving Cub alone in a pool near the end of a waterslide in Let It Slide.
  • Pop leaves Cub alone with his body buried in the sand to get ice cream. He most likely repeated the same mistake in Milk Pong.
  • Pop is satisfied with leaving Cub with a tooth shoved through his upper lip in Stealing the Spotlight. Pop later hammers a nail into Cub’s head when he realizes that he couldn’t pull it out.
  • In And the Kitchen Sink, Pop leaves Cub unattended in a sink and a bathtub.
  • Pop allows Cub to play with a bottle of bleach or liquid detergent in From Hero to Eternity.
  • Pop leaves Cub and a dog alone on a bed in Doggone It, which would be a bad idea even if Whistle was a regular dog.
  • In Mime to Five, Pop allows Cub to sit in the passenger seat of his car.
  • Pop doesn’t watch over Cub while he rakes outside in Chore Loser.
  • In A Sucker for Love Part 1, Pop leaves Cub on a bench alone while he goes to get a lollipop for him. When he gives Cub the lollipop he walks away again.
  • In Just Desert, Pop falls asleep fishing while Cub walks around the beach alone.
  • Pop leaves Cub alone at home in Clause For Concern.
  • Pop stops to pick up a coin while Cub, in a stroller, is sitting in the street in Bottled Up Inside.
  • In A Vicious Cycle, Pop doesn’t watch over his son when he’s riding his trike outside, allowing for an altercation between Fliqpy and two cops to happen in front of Cub.
  • Pop places Cub on a counter and leaves him there when he goes to open the door for Handy in A Handy Nanny. Also, leaving his son with Handy doesn’t seem like a very responsible idea. 



Seen on Computer and TV

  1. Happy Trails Part 2: Jumping the Shark: Flies into the sun in a rocket along with Handy and Sniffles.
  2. Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: Shredded by the tail rotor of a helicopter along with Cuddles.
  3. Autopsy Turvy: Is run over by a chicken truck.

    Flippy’s first solo death.

  4. Without a Hitch: Is run over by Lumpy’s truck.


  1. Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm gameplay: Deaths and injuries various, depending on the environment of the level, such as getting sliced by blades and saws, getting crushed and flattened like paper or cardboard, getting electrocuted or burned, or drowning.
  2. August 2005 Calendar: Dies the same death as in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark.
  3. Dumb Ways to Die: Dies from smoking cigarettes.

Seen on Computer and TV

  1. Happy Trails pt. 2: Jumping the Shark: (Before death) His head boils from the heat of the sun.
  2. Party Animal: Has an allergic reaction to peanuts and/or Mime (venison), causing him to get a purple rash and swollen lips. His lips are then torn off by the closing iris.

    Is he allergic to the peanuts or Mime?

  3. Double Whammy: Coughs when water is splashed in his face and when he breathes in some smoke.
  4. Autopsy Turvy/Double Whammy Part 2: Injured throughout his fight with Fliqpy.
  5. Operation: Tiger Bomb:
    1. Is dazed in an explosion that kills Sneaky,
    2. Is stabbed in the stomach and loses both of his hands after the Tiger General cuts them off.
  6. Without A Hitch:
    1. Flies out of the windshield of Flaky’s car.
    2. Is stabbed in the eye with a glass shard by Flaky.


  1. Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm gameplay: Wounds and injuries various, depending on the environment of the level, such as getting cut by blades and saws, getting crushed and flattened like paper or cardboard, getting electrocuted or burned.

Volume 3: Third Strike

Happy Tree Friends:Third Strike cover

The Third Strike DVD was released August 3, 2004 has the following regular episodes and special and exclusive content:

  • Milkin’ It
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mime
  • Class Act
  • The Way You Make Me Wheel
  • Better Off Bread
  • I Get a Trick Out of You
  • Shard at Work
  • Water Way to Go
  • Out on a Limb
  • Keepin’ it Reel
  • A Hard Act to Swallow
  • Let It Slide
  • Icy You
  • Hello Dolly

Bonus features

  • Exclusive Episodes starring Buddhist Monkey and Cro-Marmot (Buddhist Monkey: Books of Fury and Dino-Sore Days)
  • HTF Commercials
  • DVD Commentary from creator Kenn Navarro and writers Warren Graff and Ken Pontac
  • Sound FX Commentary from
  • Vision-O-Rama
  • Follow The Yellow Rabbit (with posts of original ideas, documentaries and swear words being bleeped by the sounds of a rubber duck)
  • See & Scream
  • Comic Strips and Genuine Fan Art
  • And more extras.
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